Friday, January 17, 2014

Mini Sweet Peppers w/String Cheese

This title says it all -- it is just Mini Sweet Peppers with String Cheese.

I found this on Pinterest with nothing but the heating instructions.  So, I don't know who to give credit.  I found the sweet peppers at Walmart, but they also have them at Kroger - so you should be able to find them at a grocer near you.

I rinsed and dried the sweet peppers -

Cut a little slot across the top under the stem - then slit them -

Using a teaspoon - try to get most of the seeds out - they were all at the top -

Take a stick of the String Cheese and cut in either thirds or halves depending on the size of the peppers and place them inside the pepper -

I sprayed my broiler pan with Pam and placed them on it (I only made up half the bag of peppers this time) -

Broil them for approximately 10 minutes - keeping an eye on them -

These were so good and Mr. Cardigan just raved about them!!!!!!

As you know I put up a huge amount of Christmas decorations and it also takes me forever to put it all away.  Especially since it is a job that I hate and brings me no joy!  In this box (almost all is in totes except a couple boxes) I have put away and wrapped most of the decor from my Mittens & Skates tree.  It has sat on the couch for several days and Lucy finally got the urge to inspect it -

She warmed them up for a bit.  I hope that I packed them well - Lucy is not exactly tiny!!!!

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Downton Abbey Tea

Yesterday I was treated to a mother/daughter day for my birthday treat and it began with tea!!
It started here  -


This is the Sweet Shalom Tea Room in Sylvania, OH.  You can check them out by visiting their web site by clicking here.  If you get to NW Ohio - please plan or schedule a visit.  This day's theme was Downton Abbey.

You can click on the menu if you need a better look.  The tables were beautifully arranged and we had our own name card, too.

Everything was served in courses and you chose the type of tea you would like whenever you wanted.  We tried the Black Currant, Winter White Earl Gray, & the Gen Maicha Green Tea (this one we had twice!) during our visit there. 

First, we had a Scone with double cream & jam -

Next, was the Salmon Kedgeree -

A tiered dish was served with Artichoke Cheese Bake, Beef with Yorkshire Pudding (tied for my fav), Cucumber Tea Sandwich, Mushroom Pate, Apple Charlotte (the other half of my fav), & Sponge Cake -

My daughter must eat gluten free and when she made our reservation she made that request for herself.  She reminded them when we were seated and that is why you might notice a little difference in the above photo.  See the Beef w/Yorkshire Pudding in the ramekins - mine is on the left but hers on the right was minus the pudding!  They made something comparable for her to match or resemble what I was served.  Our special thank you to them!

The final course was Kashmir Cream with Triple Berry Compote -

A program on Downton Abbey was presented with little tidbits on the area where it is located, the estate, and the characters. 

I was so impressed how the mantel was decorated -

This tea lasted 2 hours and we had a very enjoyable time!!!  I would definitely love to do it again and am so thankful for my daughter treating me to this!!!!

All Lucy wanted to know was did I bring anything back for her -

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ham Roll-ups - Again!

This recipe is worthy of a 'do over' because I made these 3 times during the holidays!!!!  Made it for my oldest grandson's stats class, to Mr. Cardigan's family gathering & just recently for our family Christmas.  This was from the most recent time -

Here is the recipe - just click here at my post from 3 years ago and more photos.

The actual temp is about -9 as I am typing this.  Don't remember when it has been this cold here.  Lucy is finding some nice warm places to nap -

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

More Cabinets Holiday Decorated

Last year one of the best Christmas decorations that I did was ribbon on my kitchen cabinets.  It was free - I had plenty of ribbon!!  I did 9 cabinet doors (2 in laundry area and 7 in the kitchen).  This year I added 2 more long cabinet doors -

It begins like this -

Then, this -

And, finally this -

Click here to see my post from last year to see how I do these.  It is so easy and just look around - I'm sure you have ribbon or you could find some at the after Christmas sales for next year -

This is my most 'pinned' item with 571 pins.

Here are some cute ones of Lucy.  Here she is in the little bit of space in front of the keyboard looking at the cat running across this scene on the Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar -

Now, her paw is trying to find it -

Looking around to see where the cat went -

So, funny!!  Sorry it is dark but I didn't have time to play with the settings.  I couldn't get her to do it again!!

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Bedding & Dickens Villages

I was a bit late in getting the Master Bedroom decorated for Christmas.  See the Christmas bedding -

After several years being absent - I displayed 7 of my Dickens Village collection on the nightstands -

So pretty at night -

A cute bottle brush deco by the TV -

The Turquoise & Brown Tree is in this room, too -

Lucy is at her wit's end with all this decorating.  She does not want to see one more decoration -

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!!

Enjoy the 2013 Christmas Home Tour at Gray Cardigan -- Grab your drink first!!

Welcome -

After you enter the side door you are met with the elves doing their laundry -

And a Beach Tree-

Kitchen area

Dining area -

Living area -

Master Bedroom -

And, Master Bathroom -

All this cold weather and decorating has made Lucy really zonk out -

I so enjoy the blog Christmas Home Tours.  That is why I originally wanted to start a blog.  It is my motivator to decorate and to post.

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